Compounding for Adrenal/Thyroid

Proper adrenal and thyroid support is essential for optimal health. Both adrenal and thyroid glands produce important hormones that keep our bodies healthy and are crucial in the regulation of many different body functions, including energy level and sleep. When these hormone levels are low, we can feel tired and sick. Compounded medications can help balance our hormones.

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Our adrenal glands produce important hormones that help keep our bodies healthy.

When we're stressed or have a chronic illness, our adrenal glands can become tired, causing problems like obesity and allergies. These hormones also have the ability to protect us from sickness.

To keep our hormones in balance, we need to eat well, sleep enough, exercise, manage stress, and sometimes take hormone replacement therapy.

How Can Our Compounding Pharmacy Benefit You?

Thyroid Hormone Therapy :

Our thyroid gland produces hormones that help our bodies work properly. Sometimes, our thyroid doesn't make enough hormones, which can make us feel tired and sick. Compounded thyroid medications can be used when our bodies are not making or utilizing these hormones adequately.

Thyroid Therapy - Essential for Hormone Balance :

Our thyroid gland is important for our body's temperature, energy, and hormones. Sometimes it doesn't work right, and that can make us feel fatigued. It's more common in women, and stress and toxins can make it worse. One disease called Hashimoto's, damages the thyroid, but we can take medication to help. As we get older and our thyroid changes, we may need to get tested for imbalance.

Benefits of Compounding :

Some people can't have certain ingredients in their medication because it makes them feel worse or they may have an allergy. Compounding can help make medication without those ingredients. Compounding also gives prescribers the opportunity to offer strengths and combinations that are tailored to the patient’s needs.

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