Compounding for Denstistry

At our compounding pharmacy, we work with dentists and their patients to make customized medications that can assist with dental procedures and other dental problems. Compounding allows us to offer solutions that aren’t available from manufacturers and optimize dental care for our patients.

dentist with patient

When a dentist gives us a prescription, we can make things like:

  • Lip balms to help with viral sores on the lips
  • Creams or gels that relax muscles and help with pain
  • Creams that make the mouth numb for dental procedures
  • Mouthwashes that kill germs but don't stain teeth
  • Mouthwashes for mouth sores or sores caused by cancer treatment

Most medications are made in strengths and forms that work for most people. Sometimes we need to make medication that is not available from a manufacturer, and this is where compounding can offer additional solutions.

pharmacist looking at prescriptions

Stop in and speak with one of our pharmacists today. We are happy to help you assess your individual needs and goals for optimal health!

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