Compounding for Palliative Care

Palliative care is a compassionate approach that aims to relieve and manage symptoms for patients facing serious illnesses or nearing the end of life. Our compounding pharmacy plays a vital role in the patient care team, as we offer resources and solutions that may not be available at traditional pharmacies. We understand that each patient's needs are unique, and we are dedicated to providing personalized care and medications.


Use the benefits of our compounding pharmacy.

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One of the key benefits of our compounding pharmacy is the ability to customize pain medications. We can work closely with healthcare providers to create tailored formulations that effectively control pain, even when commercially available drugs have not provided adequate relief. By compounding medications, we can adjust dosages and select the most suitable administration route to optimize pain management for each individual.

Another advantage of compounding is the ability to transform medications into different dosage forms. Sometimes, a medication may only be available as an oral or injectable form, which may not be suitable or convenient for some patients. However, through compounding, we can prepare alternative dosage forms such as topical or transdermal gels, suppositories, or troches. This flexibility allows patients to receive medications in a way that is easier and more comfortable for them.

Additionally, we can combine compatible medications into a single dosage form. This can simplify medication regimens and make it easier for patients to manage their treatments. By customizing medications in this way, we help patients adhere to their prescribed schedules and reduce any confusion or potential errors.


We also recognize the challenges of managing pressure sores (decubitus ulcers). These wounds can be painful and slow to heal. Our compounding pharmacists collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to develop the best formulations for each patient, providing relief from pain and promoting faster healing.

Taste can be a significant concern for patients, especially when they have difficulty tolerating the taste of certain medications. In such cases, our compounding pharmacists can prepare oral preparations and add flavors specifically chosen for each patient. This individualized approach helps mask bitterness or unpleasant tastes, making it easier for patients to take their medications without discomfort.

Furthermore, our compounding pharmacy can address specific challenges that commonly arise in palliative care. For example, patients who have undergone head and/or neck radiation treatment often experience dry mouth and may have mouth tenderness or infections. We can compound medicated dosage forms that help alleviate these issues, allowing patients to enjoy eating again and improving their overall quality of life.

Palliative care
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Living with chronic illness or facing the end of life can be immensely challenging for patients and their families. Our compounding pharmacy extends additional resources and treatment options to alleviate symptoms and enhance comfort. We are experienced in compounding medications that address the unique needs of patients receiving palliative care, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

At our compounding pharmacy, we prioritize patient-centered care and strive to improve the overall well-being of individuals in palliative care. Our personalized approach and specialized formulations contribute to a more comfortable and meaningful life for patients during this critical time.

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