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4 Healthy Snack Ideas for Weight Loss

fruit smooth with blueberries
February 20, 2023

If you are interested in losing weight, there are some changes you may consider making to reach your goal. This includes not only exercise, but changing your eating habits as well. Adding healthy snack alternatives you can rely on throughout the day is a great place to start. Here are 4 healthy snack ideas for weight loss:

1. Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt with berries
You may find yourself reaching for a mid-morning snack. This is a time in between meals when you are tempted to go for a high fat snack like potato chips. One of the best healthy snack ideas for weight loss is to add some Greek yogurt to your diet. You can dress up your Greek yogurt with granola, berries or honey to name a few. Try out different options until you find out what works best for you!

2. Banana with Nut Butter

Another healthy snack idea is to spread nut butter on a banana. This simple snack is high in protein and will provide you with energy. Either cut the banana into pieces and then place the peanut butter on each piece or spread it as you go.

3. Mediterranean Hummus

bowl of hummus
Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet? The popular diet focuses on whole grains, fruits, seafood, beans, nuts, and vegetables and has been known to help people lose weight. Place a few spoonfuls of hummus on a plate and then dip with fresh cucumbers, carrots, and other vegetables. Add a few olives to your Mediterranean hummus plate for an elevated taste.

4. Smoothie

If you prepare a smoothie filled with ingredients like fruits, vegetables, seeds, and a scoop of protein powder, you are more likely to stay full longer. There are many ways to change it up! Try chocolate or vanilla based protein powders to add variety. Have fun playing around with different ingredients and making your own tasty concoctions.

You now have more healthy snack ideas for weight loss. Eating healthy foods is a great way to kickstart your weight loss journey. Do you know what else can help? Supplements! Learn more about our wellness supplements.